Jeffrey Phelps


Artworks in Glass

My work employs all that I have learned over the years of cutting, fusing, and blowing glass. Through the use of repetition of design, motion in created within the work evoking movement in contrast with the tranquility of the traditional form. A tension is developed between the visually active and inactive areas and a visual dance ensues. It is in the contrast between contemporary design and traditional forms that I prefer to expand the possibilites of my work.

G- 20 bowl commission

Artworks in Glass

In September of 2009 I was commissioned by the City of Pittsburgh to create 35 fused & slumped glass bowls to be presented upon arrival to the visiting Heads of State. As a gift from the city the bowls were all identical in design and color which consisted of 286 individually cut pieces all fired several times while in process.

On a Clear Day

Artworks in Glass

On a Clear Day is A cityscape of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania celebrating the 250th Anniversary of the founding of the City. It is a 5 panel construction encassed in steel and comprised of Paradise Painted panels. Strips of clear glass on end are fused to the painted panels which creates a three dimensional affect to the work. The piece measures 2'x10'. It is included in a show "Glass & Steel Art Transcends Industry" now showing at the Pittsburgh Glass Center.

Nussbaum Backsplash

Artworks in Glass

Fired enamel painted and fused glass backsplash consisting of many layers of varying relief created through multiple firings of components utilizing system 96 fusible glass.

The backsplash was featured in a recent issue of House Trends magazine.